Why Repipe?

The quick answer is: a home repipe is a permanent fix that saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Repipe Specialists offers you a PEX Repipe that is cost effective, quick and guaranteed for life!

Have You Experienced Low Water Pressure?
Low water pressure is an early warning sign of plumbing trouble. Over time, water pipes (especially galvanized pipes) suffer from interior corrosion and build up that reduces water flow. Because entry pressure of the water is continual, that pressure can inevitably lead to leaks developing, which in-turn can harm walls and lead to mold development.

Do you get Scalded while in the Shower whenever Someone Flushes a Toilet?
This is brought on by constricted pipes and indicates plumbing corrosion. Your plumbing system was designed to service all water components simultaneously. Restricted flow because of internal corrosion or leaking pipes causes cold water to be drained from the shower when it is needed for the toilet or sink. That leaves you with just hot water and unfortunately, you know what that feels like! Contact us today and never be scalded in the shower again!

Are Your Pipes Over 5 Years Old?
Pipes age and degrade. Pipes made out of inferior materials like low-quality copper, galvanized steel, Polybutylene and cut-rate plastics are just not designed to keep working and will start to drain your finances as well. Plumbers reference Polybutylene pipes as “ticking time bombs” as it is often only a matter of time until they fail terribly, and cost you thousands in water damage and repair bills. If your plumbing is greater than 5 years old and you’re having problems, you’re ready to contact Repipe Specialists to get a professional PEX repipe backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Do You Have Rusty or Yellow Colored Water?
The “rust colored water from the bathtub” issue is a sure sign of corrosion within your plumbing system. This not only contaminates your drinking and shower water, it also will cause your clothing to be discolored in your washing machine and decreases the lifespan of water filters. Just as in other warning signs, discolored tap water can often mean you will be looking at a great deal of future plumbing costs. A PEX repipe resolves this condition quickly and permanently.

Do you want to be Proactive in Preventing Plumbing Issues?
A PEX repipe is a full restoration of your home plumbing. It allow you to take a relaxing shower, run the dishwasher, water the lawn, run the washer and use your faucet simultaneously. A home repipe can also protect against financially demanding maintenance issues for a lifetime, because we back it up with our lifetime guarantee! Yes, take “plumbing problems” from your personal list of items to worry about!

Contact Us Today!
The best thing about a free estimate is… well, it doesn’t cost you anything! For anyone who is considering a very affordable PEX repiping with a lifetime guarantee, contact Repipe Specialists right away and we will send over a technician!